Visual studio simulator

hi i am trying to use pc simulator when i run local windows debugger its show below popup

after this error window

any suggestion

Just do what the error message says: Right click on the project, and “Retarget”.

i tried but not able to find to how to retarget. if there is any video tutorial to how to run simulator in visual studio than it be more convenient

is anyone tried pc simulator in vb or with other IDE? I had tried to find any window working video tutorial but not able to get any, if someone done this before than please share

Right click on the Project, not the Solution.

not able to find option

It seems it’s missing for other too:

It might help:

I have the pc simulator perfectly working with QtCreator under Windows. I created the project from scratch and added all needed features to have it perfectly working. If you need it, I can share the whole QtCreator project.

sure that would be helpful