Visual Studio Code support

@kisvegabor, @embeddedt
Would it be possible to include Visual Studio Code files in lv_micropython repository, to make it easier for others to debug the code easier?
Here are my files in my repo:

… or creating a separate lv_micropython_vscode repository would be also OK, like:

Hi @PGNet!

We try to keep lv_micropython as close to upstream Micropython as possible.
That means we only add changes required for LVGL bindings, and every time a new Micropython version is released we align to it.

The change you suggest is not specific to LVGL. It could be useful to anyone who uses Micropython, regardless of LVGL.
Therefore I suggest you try to push this to the upstream Micropython project (the usual way is openning a pull request there).
Once it is integrated into upstream Micropython, it would naturally be merged to lv_micropython on the next Micropython release.

Who would maintain it? Someone would need to integrate changes from Micropython and LVGL when they are updated, test it etc. over months and possibly years.
I think it would make more sense to keep a single Micropython version with LVGL bindings.

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