Video player with lvgl, OSD controls

I know that this has been already asked many times, but still :sweat_smile:
I am working on a project, a video player is a part of it. After reading many already asked questions here in the forum, and github issues, I still couldn’t figure out how to processes the frames.
I request a bare minimal example as practical as possible, with required assumptions, like say you already have video frames decoded and available in a buffer but what then? How to actually put those in my lvgl UI?

I have created a OSD Screen, and put an image as the background. From this answer:
So basically I have to update the image buffer, on each frame, but how to achieve that in code, without missing a frame and with considerable FPS?

@Rajssss So on which part do you have problem? A basic project that runs LVGL? If so then the documentation is really a complete guide. If you are to play video, first you should buffer it into images and fill the image one after the other. Your question is not really clear (at least to me). Also it would be better to mention your processor.

Sorry I forgot to mention, I am using esp32.

I already got lvgl running fine on it.

yes, I need help regarding this. Can you provide an example?