Viable for cross platform desktop applications?

Would it be possible to use LVGL to produce (single binary / easy to install) cross platform desktop (Win, Mac, Ubuntu) applications?

I’m specifically looking for a open source cross platform GUI library with low specs, and LVGL fits those criteria, but I’m not sure if one can build to desktop(s) without a simulator.


Hi @Holmqvist1990 - did you ever get an answer to your question? I was wondering the same thing!


I have created a desktop app for myself with LVGL. I’m using it only on Linux and I used the executable from the Debug folder of the Eclipse simulator project as it is. It dynamically links SDL but I guess using the -static linker flag would be possible too.

In general it works well. The only thing I miss is that scrolling with mouse wheel is not support (I’ll add this feature the future).