Very small microcontroller memory


I made a screen here with Squareline Studio and LVGL but my MCU is very small.

It doesn’t fit everything in it, does anyone have any suggestions on how to get more memory?

I’m working with an MCU SP32-S3-WROOM-1-N4R8

What is her memory of the program?

N4 = 4M flash
R8 = 8M RAM
isnt smaaalll

How to increase the program memory size? You know ?

Is it possible to have memory for external programs?

So that I can expand?

You may have to use external memory to store the framebuffers used by LVGL. These can become really big.
For instance, a 480x272 display with 16-bit color depth already takes 261KB, you probably will not be using the entire display size for a display buffer… perhaps divided by 8, but that’s still ~32KB.

However, your mcu has 8M RAM… that is really quite a lot, so you should not be running out. Decrease the size of your display buffers first.
EDIT: as far as I can tell, the 8M RAM is external, so you will have to store those buffers in external PSRAM. I have no idea how to do this on Espressif MCU’s, you will have to do your own research there.

The issue is not the RAM, but the actual size of the program.

When I use Squareline Studio+LVGL, it starts with 71% of the program’s memory occupied.

How will I fill in the rest with items from my code? Whereas I wouldn’t want to have more than one MCU for the final application.

You completely lack information , what IDE you use, how partitions config for flash usw. Arduino ? VSCode ? …
ESP default config use little APP partition and you can see 71%, but changing one file and you see 15%

sim, eu tenho diversas informações.

Ficarei muito grato se puder me ajudar:

I’m using ESPWROM32

This screen below is an example recording on the ESP32-S3-WROOM-1-N4R8

In this case I changed the partition scheme to another and it remained at 20%.

I already understand that depending on the partition scheme I choose, the size of the stored program will change.

I’ll have to understand which scheme is best for my project.

Thank you for your attention…

I learned how it works and left the screens recorded here, because it is important to document this problem/learning for new users.