Version 7 docs.pdf link seems to be broken!

I really like to use the PDF version of the documentation, normally I use the hyperlink signed at image bellow,

But now, it seems to not be working anymore, I have checked the repositories to , but the link seems to be broken. However it is still possible to download the version 6 PDF, but it has some major changes from version 6 to 7!

Do you have any other mirror where I can get the version 7 PDF?

I really appreciate what you guys have accomplished here.
Thank you


The PDF version of the document is not available for the newer versions (I’ve just removed the link).

We got some issues in Sphinx (the docs engine) that prevented building PDF.

I know that the PDF version was important for some people, but unfortunately, we couldn’t resolve the mentioned issue. :frowning:

Ok I understand!

Thank you for the feedback, I have found deep in my downloads folder the 7.3 version of it.
I really like the PDF because having all the info in the same document, I can just <crtl+f> a find what I’m looking for, very quickly!


Are you aware that the online docs also have a search feature?

I would confess that I only have noticed that search are available just before this topic, while I was looking for the PDF. Although for reasons that I do not want to talk about, from time to time, I pass many hours on places without internet and the PDF comes in handy at that time.

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You can clone the docs repo and open the webpage offline.

Probably the interactive examples won’t work offline but the rest should be fine.