[V9] LV_COLOR_DEPTH 8: L8 support

Dear LVGL Team,

I highly appreciate your great job with LVGL.
It is a wonderful library and I will gladly use it in all my GUI projects.
I also suggest it to everyone who can need such a tool.

In the ‘Porting/Display interface’ section of the documentation it is stated:
LV_COLOR_DEPTH 8: L8 (1 bytes/pixel) Not supported yet

Is there any plan to add support thereof?
What is needed to get it supported?

Because even 16 bit color, is wasting too much memory when used with rather large resolution monochrome displays. And it is limiting using LVGL on smaller MCUs with black/white screens.

Thank you very much in advance!


Hi Igor,

I’m glad that you have asked! :slight_smile: We have just started to working on it this Friday. These target formats will be added in the near future:

  • L8: for normal monochrome/grayscale displays
  • A8: for runtime mask rendering
  • AL88: for monochrome OSD menus

I hope a Pull request will be opened next week for L8.

Dear Gábor,
Thank you very much for your reply and good information!
IMHO it will be an important update to LVGL.
With very best regards,

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