[V9.1] No STM32 DMA2D Support

Hi all,
I’ve noticed when I wanted to port LvGL V9.1 to my STM32H757, I’ve noticed there is no support for DMA2D in lv_config at all.
Is it possible to bring back this feature?
I’ve noticed performance reduction compared to V8.4.
Adding support for this feature might solve the issue.


Here is the reason as to why.

In v9 we add built-in GPU support only for your partners. We are working on setting up our partnership with ST and I hope we can added it back soon.

I’m sorry for this issue. :frowning:

In other word, you are looking for support of Vector Graphic GPU (NeoChromVG), right?

Yes, it’s planned too. But we still need some time to get there.