[v9.1.1] Is it possible to create a vector, vector_path, and lv_draw_vector(...) on the layer of LV_EVENT_DRAW_MAIN?


In the canvas widget, a vector can be drawn on the canvas’ draw-layer / canvas’ draw_buffer.

However, I want to draw a Bezier curve on a rectangle widget during LV_EVENT_DRAW_MAIN.

Is it possible to draw vector_path and lv_draw_vector(...) on LV_EVENT_DRAW_MAIN of the rectangle widget?

If so, is there a code example?

Or is it possible to have lv_bezier_line_dsc_t and lv_draw_bezier_line(...) , lv_draw_sw_bezier_line(...) etc… ?

Thank you.

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Thank you for your guidance.

I’ve been trying to find documentation and commands for
lv_draw_path, but I couldn’t find any in lvgl 8.x and 9.x.

Could you please provide example code
for creating a Bezier line in LV_EVENT_DRAW_MAIN?

Thank you.