V8.3.0 is released


I’m happy top let you know that we have released v8.3 with these main updates:

  • Layers Support transforming (zoom and rotate) any widgets and their children drawn by LVGL. To do this LVGL renders the transformed widgets into a layer and draws that layer as an image applying all the transformations. Layers are also used when opa (not bg_opa, border_opa, etc) and blend_mode are set. This way nested objects are blended as one layer to avoid color bleeding. LV_COLOR_SCREEN_TRANSP should be enabled in lv_conf.h to make this feature work properly. See more here.
  • inherit and initial style properties Besides setting “normal values” for style properties now you can set them to inherit (inherit the parent’s value) and initial (set the system default). See more here
  • NXP-PXP and VGLITE GPU support The support for NXP GPUs are added again
  • Color font support You can use emojis and images in texts with this great new features. See more here.
  • ARM2D GPU support Get support for Arm’s Microcontroller 2D Graphics Acceleration, e.g. Helium based acceleration, DMA-350 based acceleration etc.
  • PubSub messaging A publisher-subscriber based messaging system is added to make communication between components easier. See more here.
  • Pinyin IME Add support for Pinyin IME Chinese input. See more here.
  • render_start_cb A new callback is added to lv_disp_drv_t to indicate when the rendering starts. It’s useful to make synchronization, e.g. wait for a TE signal.

Now we are starting to work on v9. You can find the discussion about it here.


BTW, we have also updated our website and the README of LVGL.
Take a look if you are interested :slight_smile:

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Fantastic news, you guys are incredible. LVGL is an awesome product.

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