V8.1 user problem Looking forward to your reply!thanks

hey guys, I use V8.1 have some problems.I need your help. Looking forward to your reply!Thanks
I want set background to every titleview.I not find interface them.So i use this method to for every title.
lv_obj_t * img1 = lv_img_create(window_manger[WINDOW_MAIN].window_obj);
lv_img_set_src(img1, &bg1);
But when I scroll through the screen, it doesn’t seem to flow very smoothly, and it stutters a bit.Now I use titleview create Watch UI.Need a lots of 360*360 background image,It seems like a good product if it can achieve a smooth effect like apple Watch. Can you offer some better advice?I would appreciate it!
2.I want to create add a tile dynamically ,when I scroll.Now global define.It takes up a lot of memory.Is there a good way?
3.When lv_event_send(current_time,LV_EVENT_REFRESH,NULL); refresh object It seem not change。
4.Label is right-aligned i cant not find interface.current version is remove a lots of method。

是的 我也是这个问题,在每个tab上创建一个背景图片,屏幕滑动就会很卡顿
Yes, I have the same problem, create a background image on each tab and the screen swipe will be jarring