V8.1 is released


I’m happy to share with you that we have just released v8.1. If you have used the master branch so far you won’t notice a big change as all the new features were merged into master during the development.

Some highlighted features:

  • Built-in support for SDL based GPU drawing
  • Much faster circle drawing in the software renderer
  • Several 3rd party libraries are merged directly into LVGL.
  • Add LVGL as an RT-Thread and ESP32 component

Although it’s a minor release we introduced a small API break with the calendar widget. If you have used it in your project, please take look at its new documentation.

For the full list see the CHANGELOG. This is the first time we have auto-generated the changelog and the last release was 4 months ago so it’s quite long. We will manage it better in the new versions. :slight_smile:


Hi,happy to see new version released. Is this version stable enough for a real product development?