V7 status - is it ready to use yet?

For various reasons I haven’t made a start on the project I’m working on that will use LittlevGL and I see that V7.0 was estimated to be released in January or February.

I’m close to starting now, though, and would really like to use V7 from the start. So I’m wondering either if release is imminent or, if not, then is the general feeling is that V7 is stable enough to be worth using now?

I can cope with some bugs and problems as it will take a while to get the product ready for market anyway, and I can probably work around issues - I’d obviously report any problems and there’d hopefully be a good chance of fixes being made available in good time anyway.

But if it’s still rather unstable I’ll stick with the latest V6.x branch.

Can I ask where you found this information? Right now the main description shows the release date as TBD. If there’s still something which mentions that timeline it should be updated.

In my opinion, I think it’s stable enough to start a project with if you’re willing to deal with a bit of API breakage as we finalize certain things. In a few months there shouldn’t be too many issues left. Please don’t release a product that uses 7.0 today though. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want guaranteed stability with the least chance of problems cropping up, however, stick with 6.1.

Thanks. V7 has some features I’d really like to use so I am happy to find things not right and help with reporting problems - and product release is at least 4 months away.

The reference to release dates was here (it was the only reference to V7 I could find in a search, but apologies if I missed more formal dates - still a github newbie I’m afraid!):

Thanks for the link - I’ve removed the reference to January and February so that no one else gets confused.

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May have fallen at the first hurdle since there’s no ready-to-roll Visual Studio PC simulator to allow me to play around with it first.

Before I spend many hours poking around and stabbing in the dark to try and make it work, is it actually fairly straight forward to do this (any pointers for someone with minimal Linux and Git experience)?

Otherwise I will go with 6.1 or wait until V7 is properly released with VS simulator support.

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I still can say an exact data, but I’m already working on updating the docs.
So it’s in the home-stretch now!