V7 and "lv_settings"

Hello Gurus,

Lately I have been trying to use (and understand!) the quite wonderful “lv_settings” application. It is very nice; it provides an easy to use basic menu functionality, and teaches also methods to implement other kind of LvGL apps too. I have also a lots of ideas to extend it, If I only got the philosophy to my backbone …

Meanwhile - the V7 is on it’s way as the coming spring here in northern hemisphere. I have understood the styles system is completely rewritten in version 7. OK - the “lv_settings” relies quite heavily on those pre-V7 styles, right?

My question is - should I try to get a grip on the V7 already now, is there any resources which might help me getting the “lv_settings” work on it too? I guess you all makers are far too busy doing the conversion right now.

Have a nice weekend - and stay in good health!