V6.0 is released


I’m happy to announce that v6.0 is released!

There are a lot of new features to make LittlevGL easier to use, more versatile and more powerful.

For the new version, the documentation is not only updated but completely reworked for a new, more modern engine.
Check it here: https://docs.littlevgl.com/

As you can see here the Forum is also updated for better user experience.

Check the release notes to see all the new things and a migration guide from v5.3.

Thank you very much for every contributor who helped the development of v6.0 with development, ideas, suggestions, testing or any other way.

I hope you will like the new version. As always feedback is very welcome. If you have any questions, just open a new topic here!


Congratulations,that is great!!!

That’s great. Thank u gabor and thank u all guys who helped to have this great GUI.

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This sounds very nice!
Do you think you could update the resource at PlatformIO too?

Thanks a lot

We are working on updating all projects.

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Locking this post as v6.0 has been out for almost 20 days. If you have a question or issue please open a new topic.