V6.0 is near - the merge window will be closed this week


I can happy the share that we have successfully added all the features we wanted for v6.0. This includes:

  • General event system now any object can react on click, release, etc. events, not only buttons
  • New font converter support kerning, written in Node.JS and has a nice CLI interface
  • Micropython and Python binding several updates to better support bindings

For all the changes in v6.0 see this GitHub post.

The rest of June will be about testing and getting feedback. If you have a chance to update your project from dev-6.0 branch and make some experiments you could help a lot!

Even the current state is considered quite stable. We haven’t experienced random crashes, undesired behavior in the near past.

You can also try the dev-6.0 branch of the Simulator.

If have any questions about v6.0 please comment on related GitHub issue.

Hi, kisvegabor
I expect the V6.0 coming,I want to know when the new document is publish and if it contain illustrate of the lv_task.


We just stared to work on it. See https://github.com/littlevgl/lvgl/issues/1099