Using the TFT_eSPI and LovyanGFX libraries in LVGL v9

Good day,

While examining the recently released version 9.1.0 of LVGL, I noticed that it inherently supports working with the TFT_eSPI library. I observed this while studying the lv_conf.h file. I also work with the LovyanGFX library, but I didn’t find any reference to it. Does this imply that TFT_eSPI will be the supported choice for LVGL v9 applications?

I have uploaded folders containing both libraries to my GitHub. I wanted to ascertain whether I should focus solely on one.

GitHub: GitHub - G2EJ-IC/PlatFormIO_dot_L2St: PlatFormIO_dot_L2St

I’ve started using EEZ Studio for creating HMIs, and for those widgets that are not available, I program them manually. I believe this program has great potential; it’s user-friendly. It’s a shame it doesn’t have more widgets, but I think this could change if an agreement is reached.

Thank you very much.

Actually, it’s up to you. TFT_eSPI is older than LovyanGFX.
Both works and LovyanGFX is simpler and works well with Arduino & ESP-IDF (+Linux). If it’s for commercial use, watch out for the License requirements for both.

Official Espressif supported way with ESP-IDF is to use esp_lvgl_port and here is a sample I wrote recently