Using OpenAI to improve IoT projects

This is not a LVGL project, but I posted here cause it can be interesting for LVGL users that want to add an AI assistant to their IoT projects (ESP32 or PICO_W…)

The idea is to connect to an OpenAI service and create a “fake conversation” where you give your HAL to the assistant and it helps you to the user to program your device. Here is a demo for the PC:

Each user input is sent to OpenAI and the response is then sent to the micropython interpreter.
It can manage standard hardware without problems (Pin, ADC, Timer…), libraries like network, sockets, framebuf, uasyncio…and also you can add any example for your custom API.
It “almost” works with LVGL, but most of the times fails cause it uses different LVGL API version than you expect.

Here is a similar example that creates a playable pong game every minute, with micropython framebuf.

The code to make an OpenAI request is based on micropython urequests (requires your own API key).

import urequests as requests
import ujson as json

def codex( key, prompt, max_tokens, stop ):
    url = ""
    headers = {
        "Content-Type": "application/json",
        "Authorization" : "Bearer " + key
    data = {
        "model":       "code-davinci-002",
        "prompt":      prompt,
        "temperature": 0.5,
        "max_tokens":  max_tokens,
        "top_p":       1,
        "frequency_penalty": 0.0,
        "presence_penalty":  0.25,
        "stop":        [stop]
    resp = url, headers=headers, data=json.dumps(data) )
    if( resp.status_code != 200 ):
        print( "resp.status_code != 200", resp.status_code )
    text = resp.json()["choices"][0]["text"]
    finish_reason = resp.json()["choices"][0]["finish_reason"]
    return text, finish_reason 
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Almost unbelievable! I have vague memories about OpenAI crawls GitHub and learns the API of the libs. Is it really the case?

Yes, OpenAI Codex was trained with millions of Github repos and Github Copilot is based on such AI.
I was programming for 20 years now:
When I discovered C, I never want to program in ASM again.
When I discovered FreeRTOS, I never want to program without RTOS again.
When I discovered Python, I never want to program in C again. (On PC)
When I discovered MicroPython, I never want to program in C again. (On microcontrollers)
And now, I discover Codex/Copilot, and I dont want to program without them again.

Nice! Although I’m a little bit affraid of too much auto complete. It’s so easy to overlook something even in my own code. But if I got ready to use code snippets… it seems like a jungle of hard to find issues. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m not agree with you about the micropython since it had not really extensively supported by the chip makers namely ST NXP(Philipse) TI or others.