Using Lottie in platformio / arduino environment

As I understand lottie is integrated into LVGL. However the rlottie from samsung is needed for it to work. There is some (scarce) documentation on how to get it working with ESP-IDF. But so far I did not find any documentation on how to link/integrate/use the rlottie in platformio/arduino environment.

Is there anyone out there who can build/make/adjust the rlottie files to be included/used with platformio / arduino ?
And some examples on how to would be much appreciated.

In lvgl v9 we have ThorVG integrated into lvgl which is the successor of rlottie. We are planning to show some Lotties in our Embedded World demo and will try to make Lottie work with ThorVG this week.

Hey hi, I think you should check GitHub - LottieFiles/lottie-docs: Documentation for the lottie file format here you’ll get some great information.

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Hi Gabor,

That would be great, if thorvg is already integrated (I see even in lvgl 8 ?) then it takes away the trouble and hoops one have to go through to ‘include’ the external rlottie lib.
I tried to search for any examples on how to use thorvg in lvgl but none found so far…
Would be nice to have some to get us started on using thorvg (and playing lottie files) in embedded applications.

If you have some examples please share, since there is no documentation or examples out there yet, I am tempting to make some myself (as soon as I understand how to use it) :wink:

Right now we have this simple and this complex example for vector graphics.

But you are absolutely right. We need more examples and docs for ThorVG.

The good news is that, Lottie is already working for me locally.