Use Visual Studion 2019 on GitHub LV_MicroPython official source compilation error

Compile path lv_micropython/ports/Windows/micropython.vcxproj error as follows

The build instructions for building LVGL, SDL and LODEPNG are in the Makfile, and not in the MsBuild (vcxproj) file you are trying to build.
I don’t think that building lv_micropython under Visual Studio is supported. (But actually I’m not sure)

In general, we recommend using the unix port instead of the Windows port.
If you are under Windows you can use VirtualBox to run a Linux VM, or you can try using WSL.

Another option is building the Makefile under Windows with cygwin/mingw

As far as I know, the Windows port hasn’t been configured to work with LVGL, so I also recommend using the Unix port in a VM.