Use the knob to adjust the arc to realize a time modifier


I meet some issues with the lv component and please help take a look. Thanks in advance.

First of all the requirement of my project is to implement like this:
Case 1: The starting point is the vertex of the circle.
Case 2: I can rotate 360 degrees of the circle with the mouse pointer to set the time from 0 to 60.
Case 3: When the pointer is back to the vertex, the time will be reset to 0 and it will circulate the case 2 with the pointer rotates.

But as you can see as below screenshot when I try to set the starting point to the vertex of the circle, it can only rotate 180 degrees.

Another test I have tried is when the starting point is set like below, it can only rotate 270 degrees.

It seems the 360 degrees rotation could only be implemented when the starting point is set to the bottom of the circle.

I’m not sure if it’s a limitation of the component or I’m not using the component in a right way.
Please take a look the give the advices. Looking forward to your feedback.

It can be rotated only in the range of bg_angle.
So just set the bg_angle_start = 0 and bg_angle_end = 360.