Use frame buffer on Ubuntu that runs in VM


Trying to run LVGL application on frame buffer in TTY console in Ubuntu system that runs on VmWare virtual machine. Ubuntu runs desktop, but I need to test frame buffer. Can’t make mouse work in my application.
I found that mouse is on /dev/input/event2 with help of sudo evtest /dev/input/eventX.
I run application as root since Ubuntu asks for root permission to access frame buffer.
I have defined EVDEV and frame buffer:

 *  Linux frame buffer device (/dev/fbx)
#ifndef USE_FBDEV
#  define USE_FBDEV           1

#  define FBDEV_PATH          "/dev/fb0"
 * Mouse or touchpad as evdev interface (for Linux based systems)
#ifndef USE_EVDEV
#  define USE_EVDEV           1

#  define EVDEV_NAME   "/dev/input/event2"

But mouse is not working on my application.
I also got blinking cursor which is not nice and I would like to remove it.
How to solve these problems?

Did you get this resolved?
I am new to LVGL and Linux, your post seems to be the only one have fb and VM mentioned so far. Can I ask your advice?
I am trying to display “Hello World” label using LVGL on my Centos7 VM (referring: Embedded GUI Using Linux Frame Buffer Device with LVGL | LVGL’s Blog . Based on the ready to use lv_port_linux_frame_buffer project). Was able to compile the project, but no GUI displayed. Log showed the fb0 was opened , but hit “perror(“ioctl(FBIOBLANK)”). After using the latest fbdev.c (which won’t return after that perror), the fbdev_int was successfully mapped fb0 to memory, main function was running as expected. But still nothing shows. Have no idea what’s wrong. Any suggestions?
Thanks so much!