Urequests missing after building lv_micropython

ESP32 DevkitC V4, Ubuntu, lv_micropython, ESP-IDF V4

Hello everyone,

I have build lv_micropython on my ESP32. After I have done that, the module urequests is not there. If I build the normal micropython (using windows) it is there. I have followed the build instructions of the Unix (Linux) port and the ESP32 port from here. They work all fine and don’t give any errors. The ESP32 itself works fine too, except that the urequests library is missing. If I try to install it with upip, I get the following error:
Error installing 'micropython-urequests': [Errno 12] ENOMEM, packages may be partially installed

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

I don’t know what caused the missing library, but after I build it again after a few days it wasn’t missing any more, so the problem is solved.