Updates to a possible release?

Since stated here in this forum, the release od EdgeLine was aimed for october. Now we have the middle of November and there is seemingly no information about it. Safe to say they/you didnt meet the (to be fair) loosly aimed releasemonth. How much did it shift back? Will it still be this year? Is there some sneaky prerelease version i can test?

Love the work!


True, we are in a little bit of delay. Sorry for not updating you about it. We are not planning to make new beta releases. As I see now we can finish it by end of December, but due to Christmas time, probably it makes more sense to wait for the beginning of January.

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How about beta testers ???
I have a large project going on now…
I just posted about symbols.

Any update on release 1.0

He stated end of December, most likely January.
No need to ask before at least mid January