Unresolved External Symbols für lv_btn_class und lv_slider_class on windows

Dear LVGL Community,

I’m reaching out to you as I’ve encountered an issue and I need your help to resolve it. I am currently trying to write a unit test for LVGL (Version 8.3.5-dev) on Windows. However, when I execute my code, I receive the following error messages:
(My project is configured to dynamically link LVGL to the project)

The “print_child_types” function attempts to use the “lv_btn_class” and “lv_slider_class” classes to identify the type of LVGL objects, but it seems that these classes cannot be resolved correctly.

I have already checked the following:

  1. The build configuration and directories for include and library paths are set correctly.
  2. The correct LVGL libraries or object files have been included in the project.
  3. The build settings include the necessary compiler and linker flags.

It’s worth noting that I do not encounter this issue on Linux, where the code works as expected.

However, I’m still stuck with these error messages on Windows. I would greatly appreciate it if someone in the forum could assist me in resolving this issue, especially if there are platform-specific considerations I should be aware of.

Thank you in advance for your support!