Unlimited quantity of elements and dynamically creation

I started to study LVGL on ESP32 with LCD display with my first project - chat like whatsapp.
But there is a problem because I do not know the quantity of future contacts and the quantity of messages.

// I have created screen
lv_obj_t *ui_Screen1 = lv_obj_create(NULL);
// and a panel for labels (messages)
ui_Screen1_Panel2 = lv_obj_create(ui_Screen1);

And what should I do next? I can create, for example, 10 labels each for each message but can not create next one when receive 11-th message. Also I don’t know the quantity of future contacts.
So what? Can I create array of labels or something like that?

You can create a new label when you receive a new message every time.

Thank you. I thought I need an array or a huge numbers of varables, but I found out that I can call the same function with the same arguments/parameters to make more and more objects.