Unexplained background and object Haze

I recently found I could no longer use the online font converter to import files for V6.0. So I upgraded to v7.10 which is the current version in the ESP32 VGL git repo.

After getting it up and running, I’m seeing weird things. The background is a light green, instead of white. And the text and objects are messed up. I was using three LED objects to act as progress dots. The text is a weird blue-ish colour and doesn’t look very good at all. I must be doing something very wrong. My code is literally just a copy of the first parts of the widget demo, and just creating a few objects to test.

Based on the screen shot, can anyone suggest a probably cause?

So, I’ve gradually managed to figure out what I was doing wrong.

  1. In version 7, you need to specifically set the background colour or else it randomly decides it likes a weird green colour. Version 6 lured me into a false sense of security by seemingly defaulting to a nice white.

  2. I forgot to set #define LV_COLOR_16_SWAP 1 in lv_conf.h. Without it, the colours get all scrambled up. Actually, come to think of it, that probably caused the background issue too??

Anyway. Crisis averted. It’s all working beautifully again. Rock on Little VGL!