|undefined reference to "lv_async_call" error

Hi all, I am trying to explore the LittlevGL but when I try to build (over Codeblock) demo project I am getting below error;
E:\LittlevGL\pc_simulator_win_codeblocks-master\lvgl\src\lv_core\lv_obj.c|461|undefined reference to `lv_async_call’|
What can be the source of problem and how I can solve it? Thanks…

Usually, you have to use the lvgl folder that is included with the CodeBlocks project, because CodeBlocks won’t automatically add new files that are in the newer version of lvgl.

However, in this case, you should be able to right click the lvgl/lv_misc folder in CodeBlocks, choose Add files, and choose lv_async.c.

If that’s too hard to do then just use the included lvgl folder (and/or wait for me to get a chance to update the CodeBlocks project to match the latest version).