Unable to Run On Arduino IDE

Unable to Run/Compile on Arduino IDE



I have installed the latest version of the Arduino IDE and the lvgl Library and have followed all the configuration setups. Yet I’m getting the following error.

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

I’m planning to use the STM32F103C8T6 “Blue Pill” board.

What do you want to achieve?

Successfully compile without errors and implement a simple button through the Arduino IDE on STM32F103C8T6 “Blue Pill” board.

What have you tried so far?

Install Arduino IDE
Install ST V2 Link Drivers
Install the STM32 board from Boards Manager
Install lvgl Library from Libraries Manager
Setup the Configurations (lv_conf)
#include <lvgl.h> and compile

Code to reproduce

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The code block(s) should be between ```c and ``` tags:

#include <lvgl.h>

void setup()
void main()

Screenshot and/or video

arduino_lvgl_error.txt (10.4 KB)

It seems somehow on that platform you can include Arduinio.h. Does it compile with LV_TICK_CUSTOM 0? (set in lv_conf.h)