Unable to run lv_example_textarea_1 with LV_USE_LARGE_COORD defined 1

I found this phenomenon in the process of debugging LVGL in an embedded project: if LV_USE_LARGE_COORD in lv_conf.h should be defined as 1, then lv_example_textarea_1 will not work properly. But this phenomenon does not exist in LVGL PC Simulator.

After tracing the code, I found that if the following line in the draw_border function in lv_draw_rect.c
is modified into:
if(mask_rout_id != LV_MASK_ID_INV) lv_draw_mask_free_param(&mask_rout_param);
then lv_example_textarea_1 works well.

Maybe this is a bug. I hope LVGL can do better.


Thanks, it’s really a bug. I’ve fixed it here: https://github.com/lvgl/lvgl/commit/075831a54c30d294879619c90ca4d16676c0775a