Uftpd version needs updating

It’s nice that you’ve included some extra frozen modules like utelnetserver and uftpd, but the latter is outdated by several versions, preventing some of the newer features like the FTP SITE command from working by default. See https://github.com/robert-hh/FTP-Server-for-ESP8266-ESP32-and-PYBD.

If you would like to help, please open a PR with the updated versions, after you tested them.

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I’ll handle that if you want. It should be as easy as replacing the uftpd.py with the latest one, compile lv_micropython and test it on a board. Right? uftpd doesn’t seem to have automated tests so besides testing file upload and download, we have to trust it.

PR #45 submitted.

Yes exactly. If you don’t mind testing the PR#45 I submitted that would be helpful.

Merged. Thanks.