Transparent widget

Suppose that you have two features, one has some overlaps with the other one. Two buttons or two graph widgets, for instance. An example is some overlapping buttons to shape like a honey bee nest. But the first problem is simple buttons are shaped in rectangles, and second if one places two buttons on each other, As far as I tested the bottom button won’t be drawn in that overlapping part, making it to be click only on the second or top button.
I know LVGL supports data series in graphs, but consider the case where one graph widget is completely on top of the other. Only the topmost widget would be drawn.

Transp must be enabled in lv_conf. Default is off.

Ok, This feature may solve the graph on another graph transparency problem, but in case of overlapping like a bee nest, that is not squared, the shape of the image is squared with some transparent pixels. So in case of touching an overlapping area of three images, there happen a conflict on which button is pressed