Touchscreen Problem after upgrading lv_drivers folder


I recently updated our lv_drivers source with the latest version available on the LittleVGL webset. The touchscreen on our target device is not functioning correctly.

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

BeagleBone Black with LCD display.

What do you experience?

After updating lv_drivers source code, the X/Y coordinates being reported to our application are not correct. Looks like the problem is in evdev.c and is related to the checkin commited on Nov 24, 2019.

In our case, the data->point.x/y calculated in the EVDEV_SCALE section is being overwritten with by #else portion of the EV_CALIBRATE section. Not sure what case the checkin was addressing but looks like the code will now always override the x/y values calculated using the scaling code.

Our application has:

What do you expect?

I expected the touchscreen coordinates to use EVDEV_SCALE_HOR_RES/EVDEV_SCALE_VER_RES when calculating the x/y coordinates.

Code to reproduce

Screenshot and/or video


Could you send a pull request?

I would love to but am not sure how (I have only used github to download) I clicked on Create pull request but I’m not sure what to choose for ‘base’ and ‘compare’

I’ve wrote a short tutorial about Pull request here:

Let me know if it’s still not clear, I kindly help.
(I’m more active on GitHub, so you can open an issue in lv_drivers to continue there)