Touchdriver support

Hi @ll,
is there someone who can explain to me how to install a different touch driver than XPT2046?
I would like to get FT5x46 running on a ESP32 or Pi Pico…


Hi Chris!

Currently the supported touch input devices available for lv_micropython on the ESP32 platform are xpt2046 and raw resistive touch driver.

These device drivers are provided as examples, and if you need a different driver for a different hardware you would need to write and register your own driver.

You can either create the driver in C or in pure Python. is a pure Python driver while modrtch.c and modxpt2046.c are examples for C drivers.

The docs explain how to register the touch driver in LVGL, which you can also do in pure Python.

If you write your own driver and have any question or need advice, don’t hesitate to ask in the forum and I’ll try to help.

And after creating a new driver - you are welcome to open a PR and contribute it back to the community!

Thanks amirgon for your response!!
I will start the coming week with the integration and keep you and the community up to date!