Touch passthrough

I have a panel with an alpha fill appear at times over my entire screen to dim the brightness (I need to dim to below the screens 1% minimum). The problem is this blocks all touches to buttons below it. Is there a way to have this pass through touch events or ignore them?

(Alternatively, is they a way in the flush event to knock down the brightness of all colors uniformly?)

Hello, have you tried removing the clickable flag from the dimming object?

lv_obj_remove_flag(obj, LV_OBJ_FLAG_CLICKABLE);

As far as I know adding an object to lv_layer_top() already works in this way… lv_layer_top() does not have the clickable flag set by default.

Alternatively indeed you might indeed try something with the colors in the flush function. You might manually change the R/G/B value of each pixel to a darker shade altough I have no clue how… Adding that object on top is the least complicated option and might even be faster compared to recalculating all the colors in your flush function.

removing that flag fixed the issue. thank you.