Thonny cannot detect after pico w reset

Recently, I found out that lv_micropython has updated v1.20.0, and pico w is also supported.
So, I successfully compiled the firmware according to the instructions.

1. git clone
2. cd lv_micropython
3. git submodule update --init --recursive lib/lv_bindings
4. make -C ports/rp2 BOARD=PICO_W submodules
5. make -j -C mpy-cross
6. make -j -C ports/rp2 BOARD=PICO_W USER_C_MODULES=../../lib/lv_bindings/bindings.cmake

Just replaced PICO with PICO_W.
Everything runs normally, but every time I press the reset key or restart using WDT, Thonny can no longer detect Pico w, unless I burn it again.

I downloaded the firmware for micropython(v1.20.0 for pico w) and after burning it, there was no such issue.
I’m not sure if anyone has encountered the same problem. If so, please let me know how to solve it. Thank you.

I had exactly the same problem than you, although it´s not “every time” it´s “most of the time”. When this happens the Pico does not even show up in the list of USB devices. So I guess that it is unrelated to Thonny. (I would not recommend Thonny anyway !!!)
After re-flashing the firmware, if it´s exactly the same firmware, the user files survive.
As a temporary workaround, I just use the Pico-LVGL firmware on the Pico W since I don´t use the Wifi chip for the moment. This one is stable.

Thank you for your reply. It is indeed exactly the same as what you described. Perhaps it will be better to wait a little longer.

I did not try to dig for what could have go wrong. Perhaps somebody can hint at a simple procedure how to debug a Micropython firmware that compiles fine but does not run. The RP2040 has a SWD port that could be used for debugging: How to debug a Raspberry Pi Pico with a Mac, SWD and… another Pico | smittytone messes with micros
Also: even if this seems to be unrelated to LVGL, this problem does not appear with the regular PICO_W micropython build. It is introduced by the USER_C_MODULES=../../lib/lv_bindings/bindings.cmake compilation flags. Correct me if I´m wrong !