The warning in lv_gpu_stm32_dma2d.h ,What do these mean?

Hi guy, i using LVGL 8.3 and i had problems with him, can you tell me know these warning what mean ??

Assuming the end of the error isnt that it cant find the code behind, its likely harmless. If it does say that you either have:

  1. A define issue for your platform, check you lv_drivers conf and lvgl conf.
  2. You are missing some code from your compilation path

My guess is gcc doesnt like the c standard and is complaining.

I see a few of these in my code base but they are harmless usually. I cant see the payload of the eror though.

i’m trying to learn how to use dma in stm32, there are too few examples for this and i don’t know how to use those functions at all. I am using stm32f7508 and it is very slow when running the widgets example example :frowning: