The usage of "lv_mem_alloc" and "malloc"


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In my LVGL app, use “malloc(10)” will lead to the " No space in execution regions with …"error, But it’s OK for “lv_mem_alloc(10)” .

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/*You code here*/
 char *p1,*p2;  
 p1 = (char *)malloc(10);
              p2 =  (char *)lv_mem_alloc(10);
 printf("p1:%s   p2:%s",p1,p2);

the results are:
p1: ok p2: \0xa0\0x82

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Your question is unclear, however I see some fundamental problems waiting to happen,

  1. Your error handling is non existent.
  2. Do you have a default (malloc) heap available ? i.e have you set up heap space in your linker script.
  3. You are not zero terminating your strings.
bool ok = true;
char *p1,*p2;  
do { 
    p1 = (char*)malloc(10);
    if( !p1 ) {
        ok = false;
    p2 =  (char*)lv_mem_alloc(10);
    if( !p2 ) {
        ok = false;
        free( p1 );
} while(0);

if( ok ) {
    p1[0] = p2[0] = 'o';
    p1[1] = p2[1] = 'k';
    p1[2] = p2[2] = '\0';
    printf( "p1:%s   p2:%s", p1, p2 );
    free( p1 );
    lv_mem_free( p2 );

Hi, I learned a lot from your words!
print p2 is abnormal because the “lv_mem_alloc” for p2 is failed. I found it can be OK if minify “LV_MEM_SIZE” in the lv_conf.h

/* Size of the memory used by lv_mem_alloc in bytes (>= 2kB)*/

define LV_MEM_SIZE (16U * 1024U) /the default is (32U 1024U)*/

So, Can the “LV_MEM_SIZE” be set to zero if app donot use lv_mem_alloc?
Thank you so much!

To disable the use of the LVGL managed heap you need to define LV_MEM_CUSTOM to be non zero in lv_conf.h and provide an include as well as definitions for LVGL internal memory management.
lv_conf_template.h is a good reference when trying to understand LVGL configuration.

My experience is that it is better (for a few reasons) to use the LVGL heap for UI oriented purposes.

I got it. Thank you so much!