The screen is shaked when button is pressed in the case of STM32H743 with SD card

Description:as the title, the screen is shake when button is pressed for the case of STM32H743 with SD CARD. But In the case of stm32F767 with SD card, the screen is normal.

STM32H743(abnormal) and STM32F767(normal)

What LVGL version are you using?


What do you want to achieve?

fix the abnormal of screen in the case of STM32H743 with SD card.

What have you tried so far?

I compare the case of H743 with SD card, H743 without SD card, F767 with SD card, only the first case is abnormal, the other two are normal

Code to reproduce

Since it is independent of code but related to the mcu. I do not post the code here. The different between the abnormal case and normal case is the MDMA is enable in the case of abnormal(the MDAM must be enable in the case of H743 with SD in CubeMX)

Screenshot and/or video

the abnormal case(H743 with SD card):

the normal case (F767 with SD card)

Thanks for your advice, best wishes

Are you using SDRAM at all? On F746, if you don’t use the memory swapping feature, there is bus contention which causes the display to flicker. The only solution I found was to enable memory swapping. I assume H743 will have a similar feature.

Yes, The SRAM is used in my project. I will try your solution. Thank you for your solution!