The process for adding new symbol from online is not working

I want to new symbols from
But the procedure suggested on lvgl website Fonts — LVGL documentation
doesn’t work.
The procedure given on website I am following is as below:

  1. I am going to site :
  2. Adding the FontAwesome.woff file and giving unicode value of the symbol (0xe35c) in range.
  3. Providing height and bpp
  4. Clicking on Convert.

I am facing below error -
“Font “FontAwesome.woff” doesn’t have any characters included in range 0xe35c-0xe35c”

Why I am facing this error?

I can’t find a symbol in Font Awesome 5 with the Unicode codepoint of e35c. What is the name of the symbol you are trying to use?

I want to use cloud-check symbol.

I am using the .woff file from the link provided on LVGL website. So, I took it from there.

Am I doing anything different from the procedure?

That’s a Font Awesome 6 icon. LVGL still uses Font Awesome 5.

OK. I will try with fontawesome 5 icons. Thanks.

I this the right fontawesome 5 link to import symbols?

Link : Font Awesome

Yes, that should be fine.