The image button cannot be rotated or zoom

When the page of tabview moves, the image button as child widget cannot be rotated and scaled

QT simulator


scale or rotate the image button when page of tabeview moving

when the page of tabview moving,i get the angle of image button rotated,it not 0,but the image don`t change.

Code to reproduce

get image button rotated angle:
set image button rotated angle every 10ms:

Screenshot and/or video

all the icon image button not rotate,but get the angle of image button not 0.

It’s hard to say what the problem is with the information given, but images using the indexed format are not supported by transformations.

Thank you for your reply,It is effective to set the rotation angle when the image button is just created,but the image button is placed in the tabview,when the tabview moves, the image button cannot rotate.

I’ve learned that image controls can rotate, but image button controls can’t.

At the moment, that’s correct. Which of the two are you using?

I use image button and set image source,but i forget it is image button and think it can rotate,i want design a launcher with icon animation,now i can only use the image control and transparent button to achieve, just let the image animation.
this is video of launcher without icon animation:

Image buttons can not be rotated at this moment.

Can the image monitor click events,haha

Yes; LV_EVENT_CLICKED works on all object types. Be sure to call lv_obj_set_click(img, true) to ensure that touch events aren’t passed through the image.

ok,i will try later.