The first LVGL certified boards have arrived


I’m happy to let you know that the first three LVGL certified boards are out:

  • an ESP32 based board from YeaCreate
  • LPCXpresso54628 from NXP
  • and i.MX RT1050 EVK also from NXP

Check out the reviews and videos here:
If you are also interested in certifying your board go to

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That’s very exciting. LVGL is going places.

Any thoughts on listing also a comparative FPS on the main boards page ? It may be a major selection criteria and will encourage competition and faster implementations.

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@kisvegabor you did again just on time ! thanks a lot. A few days ago I asked advise for a well supported, documented, good quality lcd display in this lvgl forum topic, this became a very good answer.

Please note, the LvGL users -including myself- may also need 7" and bigger display solutions.

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Good idea! I’ll add it tomorrow

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I hope more companies will join to the certification program in the future and a wide variety of boards+displays will be available.

great,the board looks well.