The Difference Between Simulation and Application

Hello everyone,
I’m using LVGL for my application. I used STM32L476 and ST7565 for my application. The version I use is V7.10.0. I designed my screen through simulation on PC (Visual Studio for detail) and I want to run this code on my microcontroller and my display. But when I use this code for my application, the position of widgets is quite different from the PC in some pixels. Are there any solutions for this?? Because edit the code and run on simulations is much more convenient.

I’m looking forward to seeing your reply.
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Hello, probably the alignment is causing the problem. I suggest you try with literal positions. Also, the screen size may also cause the wrong position. I am sure screen size is not compatible with pc :slight_smile:

Tks for your reply. My screen size is 128x64. I have already changed the size of the screen on my PC by changing LV_HOR_RES_MAX and LV_VER_RES_MAX to 128 and 64 respectively. Are there anything wrong with this @@