Text area disable

please, is it possible in version 5.3 disable editting in text area?

Thank you.

Do you mean to ignore all added characters? Or disable cursor?

I mean something like on web page - show value i grey area and cannot be changed. It seems like disable cursor.

That means you need to do both - ignore input and stop flashing the cursor.

And how can I do it, please?

  1. You should change the style of the Text are to a “grayish” one.
  2. Hide the cursor with lv_ta_set_cursor_type(ta, LV_CURSOR_NONE);
  3. To not accept chars use lv_ta_set_accepted_chars(ta, "");

Thank you, it looks good, but I can delete text, which is there. And I see the cursor still.

I solved, I removed from the group, when I don’t want edit it.

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