Temporarily highjack display from LVGL task in FreeRTOS

I want to directly address my display from another task in FreeRTOS. I have a dedicated LVGL task, but need at some point to manually draw in another task. How can I say LVGL to stop drawing in buffers and using flush callback?

The natural way looks like to be lv_disp_remove, but I don’t want to deregister all the input devices, I just want LVGL to stop using buffers and flush_cb. Is there an elegant way to do it?

just don’t call lv_task_handler()

But I do want the input devices callbacks to be called.

No way to disable flushing. Only as you has say - remove display.
Why you need use direct display access? Use LVGL functionality

Why do you need to ask that? I need it, ok? Solutions available with LVGL for my particular case are either too slow or take too much memory, so I need to do it per hand and I don’t want to create new widget (as it will eat too much memory as well)