Task creation issue

Hi everyone ,
I have created one task as below but i dont know why it is stopped working after 10 or 15 mints. i have put a printf statement in the task but nothing is coming .I want to know the reason why this task is not calling after sometime.

lv_task_create(label_refresh_task, 500, LV_TASK_PRIO_MID, NULL);

Thanks ,

Is lv_task_handler still being called? Does the whole library freeze (i.e. no UI updates) or just this task?

Just this task.

Which version of LVGL do you use?
Does you program do a “lot of stuffs” or it just shows a static screen for 15 minutes without any user-related things in the background?

I am using v6.0.1.
I am displaying date and time in task after every 1 seconds.

struct tm *tmp ;
        time_t t ;

void dynamic_display(void *args)

t = time(0);
        tmp = localtime(&t);
        // using strftime to display time 
        strftime(date_time, sizeof(date_time), "%d/%m/%y %H:%M%p", tmp);
        lv_label_set_static_text(label, date_time);
                printf("Date & Time: %s\n", date_time);

After 10/15 mints i am getting date and time in PC terminal by printf statement but it is not flashing on display, it stopped time.
The same thing i have tested with creating a thread using pthread but getting the same problem.

Where is the issue ?

It seems not the task stops working if printf works there.

So there is an OS. Are there LVGL calls in other threads than where lv_task_handler is called? If so have you used mutex to protect concurrent calling? (See here)

What happens is you use lv_label_set_text?

there is nothing problem with the lv_label_set_text. I am not calling any LVGL call in lv_task_handler.
If i am using pthread instead of “lv_task_create” then everything is working fine but by using “lv_task_create” ,screen gets freeze .

Without debugging what happens in the deep I have no idea. :frowning_face:

If lv_label_set_text works, let’s use it.

ok ,Thanks.