Tabview bar randomly expands or change color

Hi everybody,
I’m struggling with two very disappointing bugs(?) which sometimes makes my application unusable.
I’m using a tabview with 4 tabs, one of which have some textboxes with a related keyboad event (taken from the keyboard example).
When I slide to that tab and press on a textbox, the keyboard appears, but contemporary the upper tabview bar expands in height covering half the screen. Then, when I close the keyboard the bar expands to the whole screen and it’s impossible to do anything else, except force closing the app.
I’ve tried to add some sleeps while creating the graphics to avoid eventual errors, but nothing changed.
Sometimes the tabview bar color randomly change to green or transparent even if I set it statically at application start.

I’m using LVGL on a reTerminal with Raspberry Lite OS (64 bit) and C++.

Thanks in advance for your support.


The first is the normal visualization, the others are the reported bugs

Regarding the keyboard issue: can you share a minimal code snippet to show how you do it?

Regarding the color changing issue: please create a video about it.