Table with non scrolling header row

If I want to make a table with a header row that doesn’t scroll would I need to add TABLE_PART1 to it somehow (in the docs there is only cell no row) or would I create a label on the parent page and use LAYOUT_PRETTY_TOP to place it above the table?

“Fixed header” is not support by the table but it can be crafted like this:

  1. create the header from a label or a one-row-table
  2. create a page below it
  3. add the real table to the page

Ah ok that was my question. I solved it by creating a grid and putting a label in each column because I only wanted 2 of 4 to have a label. Probably not as efficient as having 1 label and spacing them out though. I figured since I fought for the grid styling I might as well use it :smiley:

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That’s exactly how we have done it. The problem we are having is that the data part of the table is getting quite a few entries in it (well over 100 at the moment) and the scrolling is getting very slow.

(we have a touch screen so the natural usage is to swipe up/down)

I haven’t looked further into it yet (later performance enhancement) but I am guessing that the page is simply asking its children (in our case the table containing the data) to redraw itself with an offset to generate the scroll. The table is then redrawing all of its cells each of which have to be clipped to the scrollable page area.

Is there a different approach we could consider?


ps. excited about the gui builder!

Do you use the latest version of LVGL? There were some performance improvements on the table a few months ago.

Sorry - I was thinking that my comment wouldn’t be seen when I saw the original post was from quite a while back (and on a slightly different topic) so I created a new thread.

We’re still using V6.0 - are the improvements localised to the table widget (and perhaps transferable to V6.0)?

We hope to upgrade eventually.

For us a strategy for quick rejection of drawing an entire row would do the trick.


There is a big difference between v6 and v7 therefore cherry-picking features is not really possible. :frowning: