Tab View: circular scrolling

I’m not sure if this is possible, I would like an option to scroll the tabs but when it is at last tab it will scroll to the first on same direction on a circular fashion way…
I’m using the function lv_tabview_set_tab_act

Now: Tab1 … Tab2 … Tab N … Tab 2 … Tab 1
I would like: Tab1 … Tab2 … Tab N … Tab 1


it was asked several times and I also agree, it would be useful.

An additional bullet type indicator would be great too. Like this.

@embeddedt, do you also find this feature reasonable for the tabview?

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Yes; it sounds like a useful feature.

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Thanks! Is there a plan when it could be added?
I would like to get notified, but the github bug report says “Questions and enhancement requests should go to the forum.”
If you create a issue tracker on github please add me so I will get notified.

I’ve opened an issue for it:

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Does this feature exist now?

The issue was closed due to inactivity.

We are reworking a lot of stuff for v8. I keep this in mind, hopefully we will find a solution to support it in a simple way.