Tab name doesn't apply Arabic processing


Why doesn’t the tab’s name process Arabic words?
it is said in the documents that only text inputs and static texts are those which don’t process.

and is there a workaround?

and why such a limitation exists if the processing is already implemented.
can I add it if I wanted?


and another thing.
do you see the number 27 bug at the calendar?
it repeats for every month with the same number and this number only.

@embeddedt any help?

You could open an issue on GitHub about the calendar; does this happen out of the box with an unchanged demo, or does it only happen with that font?

I can’t comment on the Arabic issue because I don’t see the problem. Are the letters supposed to be joined or something along those lines?

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No with this font.
On the other hand
The writing should be like that.
But it is written like that ا ل ا ع د ا د ا ت
Like individual letters
You know it should be a single word

see the screenshot of lv_font_dejavu_16_persian_hebrew


and for sure the according macro is set.

@kisvegabor can you help with this, please?

even the container name doesn’t apply Arabic processing.

When Arabic is not contextualized by an LVGL component, you can do the contextual separately then feed it to the component :

    char ctx_text[40];
    _lv_txt_ap_proc(your_text, ctx_text);

then you feed to LVGL component, although, LVGL team has to be notified to correct in next release.
الضهر ==> الظهر

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hhhhhhhh thank you for the الضهر mistake,
and WOW,
your solution works man!!
many many thanks :heart: :heart: :heart:

but it doesn’t work with the container name don’t know why,
it shows an empty or garbage value.

char ctx_text[40];

    lv_obj_set_style_local_value_str(container, LV_CONT_PART_MAIN, LV_STATE_DEFAULT, ctx_text);